25 April 2013

Zipzone Dahilayan

 I conquered the longest dual zipline @ Dahilyan Adventure Park and it was an awesome experience. The best! Cant help to try the thrill and the excitement again and agian and again.

Welcome to the zipzone dahilayan, its cold here and the weather is perfect for some hot thrilling 
 and nerve racking experience.
The dahilayan garden caught my attention, as lovers of plants and flowers, it was indeed an added ingredient to make the complete package of fun and excitement. I love flowers and they grow best in cold and bright places like manolo fortich, these garden added the richer ingredient of the place.

This is not a chicken and im certainly not a chef. Looks like a chef outfit or something but thats me getting ready to zip the longest zipline, felt as if my heart was looking for another body, so fast but as they took this picture but I just tried to make it look enjoyable as possible. I made it look easy.

 Its a big place you have to maximize your time going to the other adventure sites, I missed the park so I plan to visit next time and maybe plan to have an overnight stay to make it complete.

Its no smoking zone so those who are orally fixated are not allowed inside.

 The park, packed with cute and cuddly pictures of animals, like snakes, monkeys, elephants and a lot to mention. I had lots of picturs with dinos and monkeys ilke me and more to mention.

here's a sample of the king of the jungle cutie lion and family....

 please read before you take the longest zip.

Oh the soothing pond, I envy the carps swimming, Im human but cant swim what a pity.

had lots of fun at dahilayan

Note: This is a long over due post, visited the place .last May of 2011 so im pretty sure there's a lot more to see now and be excited about.