19 May 2013

Blog updates

I have not blogged for three days and I have seen how it could affect the life of our blogs. Its a matter of having good ideas that is worth blogging for. Its important.. Its really very important. If you want to have a blog that id growing with readers and with some interesting facts, then a lesson learned update it daily or if not more than once a day. its really something that could if it off the top blogs rankings. I tell you from 600 my ranking dropped to 928 this evening. And Im really not so happy about it. It could really affect and brought much damage to myself. Oh no! This cant be happening and I said to my self. Oh yes, its really happening and the damage has been done.

What to do?

I will try to make a few list here for myself, I really have to remind myself or else things would get elsewhere.

1. I have to tell myself to blog daily. Its a must. I have to think of something that will really give me the ideas to talk about and have a list so that I wont fail with that target in mind and in my heart.

2. have the self discipline to blog once a day or more than once a day.

3. Blog from the heart and really think of topics that will also something that will be of interest to others who will read it.

4. Blog about the places that I have visited.

5. Blog about food and my food adventures.

6. Blog about the plants that I have and the newest collections.

7. Blog about my cooking adventures and experiments in the kitchen and.

8. Blog about my blogging experiences and the ups and downs of blogging.