20 May 2013

Family day @ Cabula River Resort

May 18, 2013 PLDT-Philcom and SBI Family day. Its not the usual out of town trip since we have lots of expenses to consider like fuel, expensive out of town food, rent for the venue, travel allowances of employees from other LECs. Now its just a simple within the city venue and its my frist time to set foot on The Cabula River Resort after typhoon sendong, it was heavily damaged but the management tried their best to restore the resort, there are still ongoing renovations and new adventures in store for all of their clients but for the mean time, they only have the hanging bridge. zipline and the swimming pool to start with.

cabula river resort hanging bridge

Well, the hanging bridge is really not that grand, but its a cool surprise for first timers children and adult alike. If you want to try dip zipline, well like it or not you have to pass through the hanging bridge to reach the zipline terminal.

cabula river resort swimming pool

Its a huge single pool where children are safe coz its zero feet to 7 feet only and they also provide life guards who will be their knight in shinning armor. Theres a spring which is the source of the pool and its cold. It was really something that cooled down my body not knowing that the harmful sunrays started to cause some redness after the hours of swimming pool adventures with the kids and the co workers alike.

Aloha, with the swing with two lovely ladies

Aloha the hawaiin resort theme of the party...

How to get there and reminders

1. Ride a lumbia jeepney from carmen market.
2. The resort is just along the road so its easy to locate.
3. Entrance fee of 50 for adults and 30 for children.
4. Prepare for 200, 400 600 and 800 cottage fees.
5. If you plan to swim dont forget to bring sunblock, I got a few  sun blocks because of the hours spent in the pool.
6. You can also bring fly killers, the venue is okey but there are lots of flies zooming to and fro specially on food.

Hope you can visit cagayan de oro and also visit Cabula RIver River Resort