09 May 2013

Four pics one word

After the candy crush I have a new mania, the four pics one word.
Its a challenging game for me for it requires the use of my dried brain cells, giving it some sort of an exercise. Maybe I needed it to review my vocabulary and also my patience. It takes patience to figure out the words. But when you solve the eight up to nine letter word there's feeling of fulfillment in being able to guess the word. Though it may require time and effort but its very much worth the try and the excitement you get in guessing or getting the word. But according to Kp Yohanan we are our best enemies. There are time that we tend to expect high from ourselves and we get upset in the end when we fail.

Four pics one word, I know my patience is at stake when I play you, but I trust that I can learn a lot from you.

Im on my 276th level yet, I stopped when I could hardly get the number.

Have a nice evening all and God bless.