07 May 2013

Gaga over candy crush saga

Its everywhere, every corner where theres facebook there's candy crush saga and several people are enjoying this game. I admit that Im one of those who are enjoying this game. I cannot classify myself as one of those who are going gaga over candy crush saga, but maybe soon if  I  not discipline myself I will join the ranks of those who have sleepless nights because of this game. In my case I stop playing have lost all the five lives and sometimes I haggle and get lives watching ads and more often playing other games. I know it bad, and a bad habit could really waste my precious time. Thats why most of the time when Im playing candy I make sure that its a multitasking activity not just sole playing alone so that at the same time I can do something productive and worth while. Sometimes I fold clothes wile waiting for a favor or a life from a friend and some freebies.

So, to all my facebook friends lets just take it easy and dont bury yourselves much on playing candy crush, its not good to over do and spend much time. Lets be wise in spending our time. Time wasted is like a treasure lost.

Play wisely.

Have a nice day and good evening.