16 May 2013

Galaxy tab 2

Samsung Galaxy tab 2. Too to good to be true and its true.
I have the galaxy tab 2 and I just cant believe it. And I have to believe it thats its true coz I have it in my hand. Wow, amazing. Thank you Lord for the blessing and thank you for the kind hearted person who gave me the Galaxy tab 2. Its really nice, not heavy on the pocket and more so its techy, handy and so sleek. I used to play my candy crush on my netbook but now it goes in style with the new galaxy tab 2, Im loving it and looking forward to experience blogging using it. I have chosen the color white coz its matches my phone and also it looks classy with the black casing cover for protection. Also I bought screen protector for protection from dust and other particles. The one given to me was the one with wifi only not with the 3g coz the 3g is more expensive than the wifi only. It doesnt matter, as long as its there to serve the purpose, handy and easy to carry where ever you go. The struggle I have as of the moment is the hard time typing using the qwerty type keypad. Im adjusting and hopefully will be able to adjust soon.

It took a few stores for us to find the casing cover which means the unit is selling like pancakes, good we found a store which sells all sorts of covers and casings from phone to netbooks and to tablets with their latest models of units and handy phones.

I have yet to discover this new toy galaxy tab 2. And Id like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsor for giving me the unit, God will bless you more and more.



lovealways said...

wow..same as me..im using it also in playing candy crush

Zelmarq said...

hello love always, we have two things in common candy crush and samsung galaxy tab, thank you for the visit and have a nice day