02 May 2013

Labor day getaway

I love holidays and I dont like mondays.
And yesterday was a wednesday and we had a holiday.
It was oh so relaxing, a day that started with the slight zumba followed by sharing of God's word and the fasting of breakfast. Meeting for the young people for the upcoming October conference. Much to do and much to think about, venue, speakers and other stuff but we were able to finish it after lunch and decided to have a sunny wednesday dip at the beach.

fun fun fun under the sunny wednesday holiday, labor day

smiles hide the heat away, we made it look simple, thank you Lord for the nice weather

Its still a secret place, a private resort under construction and I love the blessing of being to enjoy in a semi private manner since we were alone and it was hassle free, it was cozy and it was peaceful. Looking forward for more holidays and places to go and explore. It doesnt have to be far away, even in the places where we live we can still enjoy the local resorts and even help promote. What matters most is that we have experienced being stress less and stress free.