20 May 2013

My way of memorizing verses

Lamp 2 consists of 98 verses and at the training house where Im living with 14 other house mates we are trained to disciple, teach others, share the gospel and also memorize the verses from A to g with 14 verses each letter. Because I have a very tight schedule with candy crush saga as a top user of my time I fail to memorize verses and its really shameful coz among the group Im the only one who failed to memorize. Oh no! Its really something to be ashamed of. So I have decided to really improve it and try to memorize as many verses as I can.

My memory list

1. I wrote the verses on paper and always read it from time to time.
2. I recorded my own voice while I read those verses, in that way it would easier to memorize if we lept on reading.
3. Write the verses while I memorize out loud. Through this I can just find it easier to memorize those verses.
4. While riding on a jeep, in long lines and waiting places you can silently memorize the printed verses.\
5. Pray always.
6. Review the verses daily