04 May 2013

Philippine top blogs # 701

Very far from even the top 100 blogs of the Philippines which means I have to work harder to get it there, when? Thats a question I don know how to answer or will I ever find the answer even. I saw it went up a few notches a few days ago when I started blogging daily. Well, well, well, this is going to give my pressures to keep on having a few notch higher. The answer is to blog daily. What? Blog daily? I dont know if I will be able to blog daily, its a lot of work and a lot of words for me to type and when it comes to blogging I dont think I can be motivated daily.

What to do to increase my rank in top blogs Philippines:

1. Blog daily - its a challenge and takes lots of efforts but I will try.
2. Comment other blogs - its a key to get someone read you, read other blogs, its a secret that should be done, its like talking to other blogs and see that the effect is that they will also talk back.
3. Log with sense - I know im just a trying hard blogger but I know someday I will reap the harvest of patience and hard work. I dont even blog that much with vigor and with power. I just blog with senseless things and senseless words. But now I know I have to try to make sense and see if I can really do it with flying colors.
4. Blog interesting topics - Readers would like to see good things and new and interesting things. I have to be more creative in my blogging and take it to a higher level.
5. Blog about food - its interesting and its yummy, so I have to find yummy pics to post as well.
6. And lastly, I have to do all listed above with a heart and patience and the willingness to explore the blogging world. And for now I got to do my assignment, comment blogs and read other blogs. Hope you all have a wonderful saturday morning.



pinoy_oman said...

Hi Zelmarq,
Try to post as much as you can and re asses your blog if it is in proper category. Blogs fall under personal category is difficult to lift to higher ranking theres too many competing in personal blog category.
Just enjoy your blog and have fun writing your personal stuff.


Zelmarq said...

hello pinoy oman, im glad you dropped by to comment, well, i am trying to make a difference but its harder everytime. Its good that your blog is really making a difference and Im just happy for you.

Ignacio, the child blogger said...

These tips are actually helpful to me also as a blogger trying to start-off my blog. Thanks!