05 May 2013

Productive saturday for me

Im glad that as early 9am I finished washing my clothes and cleaned the garden area and blogged a new. Wow, I love saturdays when theres no work and all I have to do is sleep and relax. I need this, with so much chaos and all I really need this. I need time to relax and just be with myself and rest and enjoy just being alone. I plan to go down town to check some supplies for the pillow and buy a few groceries for dinner tomorrow. Wew, its just a busy week for me and im looking forward for the coming week where I can go home to cebu and have bonding with family and friends and also be with churchmates.  Productive I also plan to buy pots for the coming flowers from the mountains. Shane our housemate will be coming home from a ministry visit and Im already excited to see the surprises she promised to bring.

Productive saturday, I wish I could rest this afternoon. A short nap will do and can help me with my painful back. I still have a bed sheet to wash and a room to clean. Its a long long day and I wish i could really make it a productive one.