08 May 2013

Rainy summer night

Wow, feels good to have this cool weather in a summer night. Its been months that the nights were so humid and feels like always sweaty and it reminds me to take the plunge and head for the shower or even worst dream of being in a swimming pool touching the cold water and embracing the sweet fragrance of the summer sweet scent with fresh fruits to complete it. Well, well, its just a dream but now Im glad we have a break from that biting heat of night. I love to sleep early and hope that I could wake up late but I have to wake up at about 4:30 in the morning to prepare the breakfast for almost 20 people. Wahehehehehe Im just glad I'll be able to wake up early tomorrow despite the weather.

For now, im enjoying the candy crush.
Stuck on level 39 and was glad when I saw that my top blog has now reached 563 from 700 something ranking. Well, well well, not bad for  a start.
I figured out the secret of having a good or improved ranking. Its about talking about gadgets and of course facebook. t goes with it and I hope Im right and with crossed fingers doing posts. Its hard to be a trying hard blogger like me.

I better try to start to slow down with playing and sleep early for tomorrow's event.