23 September 2013

Love Written in Stone

It was sunday evening when I went to the mall and decided to go book hunting. After the morning and afternoon ukay ukay adventure, the night spared time for the book hunting. I love to buy books and most of the time I buy the new ones. But, lately my room mate said she found nice books from book sale and she loved it. And I tried my luck went to the mall and found a nice book.

The smooth brown and earthy color just caught me, and the most intruiging book was there and I felt love at first sight and never had second thoughts on buying it. Its only 150.00 pesos very affordable book a nice and inspiring book. Oh perfect find. I knew it, this book and me are really meant for each other and I cant help feel excited to go back to the mall and look for more nice and interesting books. The complete title of the book is Love: Written on Stone by Philip  Carlson, MD. Finding Grace in the Boudaries He Sets.

 Im so excited to finish it.

The first line of the first page goes:

"To Carole,
 whose love has helped me whole,
Twenty- two years seemed like a day."

Wow, what a romantic and powerful phrase. my heart just melted and envied Carole for a love so true.

The first lines goes:

"I think most of us had a hard time wrapping our heads, much more our hearts, around how much loves us. For years I found it hard to receive love, to believe that I was lovable. I more easily felt I was defective, awkward, unworthy, that I didnt quite measure up."

And I was about to cry reading those very lines.....

I sorry Ill have to make you wait for the next lines for Im going to read it with a hanky.

Have a nice day and happy sleeping to all.



kimmy said...

another book lover here! i also buy books from booksale, hehe! it seems like you found a very nice deal recently, sounds like a good book, enjoy!

Zelmarq said...

its a great book kiimy....thank you for the visit.

livingshed said...

wow..this is very interesting