15 October 2013

7.2 Eartquake October 15, 2013

Its a lovely tuesday mornig, feeling blessed with great weather, great breakfast and most exciting about is that its a holiday.


No work.

Its a day that I anticipated much coz I finally have this day to groom my plants, general cleaning, just chilling in bed, not getting to bath early.


I so super dooper ultra mega hyper....

After the load of a two week old laundry, pants, clothes, undies, t shirts, shorts and office clothes I got my hands dirty with soil and my brow sweating.

And while I was getting soil, I felt a bit dizzy  and indeed its an earthquake.

I saw the mango trees swaying and the wires moving.

It was longer than expected and I somehow panicked and just stood there waiting for it to end.

The the news came about old churches in bohol and cebu damaged by the earthquake and a number of people died. This is something out of our control and what we can do is pray for the families who lost their loved ones.