05 October 2013

Blogging experiment number 1: daily posting

Im on my third day of my blogging experiment number one: Daily posting.

Im excited and enjoying it a lot.

Its a whole new expereince in my blogging adventure, never tried this before and I think its worth the try
And have proven that somehow it does work. I will have to wait for four more days and have another experiment number two but that will happen after a week of this first experiment. I will still have to think about what to experiment next.

Hmmmmm, I have tried this one before I was not able to meet up with daily sked and discipline. This time is something different coz Im willing to really make it work by hook or by crook.

I can see the daily progress and I dont just wanna see go down just because of negligence. Its a day to day and a step step by step process that I am willing to undergo. It goes with the hopeless blogger in me, the way I think about this blogging future is like the hopeless romantic in me.

Im still doing it tonight, even when my eyes are red and my body aches to get that pillow and snore. Smiles.

Well see.

I have to wait and see for my self.

Tomorrow is another day it sends shivers to my spine and butterflies in my stomach and feel like eating chocolate to keep me up but I have no chocolate stock anyway. So that will have to wait. I love the feeling when I eat chocolates, it activates the senses and creates warm fuzzy feelings.