07 October 2013

Devina Dediva? Who are you?

I am really curious about the name Devina Dediva and out of curiosity I checked the link of my sister and well, then I finallly got the answer.

Presenting the famous racist of the week.

I dont like the way she said her lines, associating Filipinos as maids

Dediva looks surely more smelly in this pic
And now, I just heard that she apologized using her twitter account to all Filipinos. Well, thats an honest mistake telling those kinds of words to a Miss world winner even to Filipinos in general. Thats good that she apologized but the damage of her actions may have an impact on her. Lossing her job through facebook and twitter account deactivated.



Aileen A said...

Oh, I think Devina is cleaning toilets right this moment...lol!

Zelmarq said...

Hello, Aileen, thank you for the visit. have a nice day. I just hope she'll find pleasure doing it.