07 October 2013

Ways to cope with Emotional Surge

Patience is a virtue and today I dont have that virtue.

I hate the feeling when you feel alive and kicking and somebody hurts you and their words seemed shouting at you and making your hear turn and turn until it aches. As if the blood from all my body went all to my head.

I hate the feeling of just the desire to reach out, to communicate will be viewed as something annoying to someone. Its just a simple question. It was not something that could require a genius or a board topnotcher to answer.

So, unexpectedly, human as  I am, I felt the blood rushing and now Im feeling angry and really annoyed and all the emotions mixed and went mumbo jumbo, like a roller coaster ride.

I hate to feel this feeling.
I wanted to stop from feeling this way but, I just cant help it.

Emotional surge. Its a sudden, quickly happening and unexpectedly.

I hope this would subside coz I dont like it.
I dont want to hate someone.

Ways to Cope emotional Surge

1. Calm down. It was something so sudden That I didnt gave myself time o calm down. I panicked and pride got me.  I allowed myself to get hurt and I retaliated with words.
2. Think first before you speak. This was something that I failed to do. I was so emotionally defensive, I was bombarded with words so I defended myself with words. Words that maybe also hurt the other party.
3. Embrace silence - Its when in silence we can contemplate and realize that things should not have gone that far. But in my case regret was something predictable. Things get our of hand often times when we dont have self control. And self control is for the mature ones.
4. Shield the heart with God's word and apply it. The biggest mistake I committed early this morning.I heard God's word, read it but failed to apply it in my life. He said in His word:
Lord, I praise You, for Your mercy is everlasting.
Help me to remember that every battle in
this life is Yours. The outcome belongs to
You because You are sovereign.
No matter what is in front of us, God is always behind us.

What a shame, it was given. Right at the start of my day I have read God's word, but did I apply it? Thats my lesson for today. Take a deep breath and relax. Tomorrow is another day.