03 October 2013

Letting go and hanging on

" Let me show you how letting go and hanging on work together."

"If you hang on to your life, you will lose it, but if you give up your life for my sake you will save it." Luke 9:24

Let go and rest. Hang to to faith. Losen up on the things of this world. Hold tight to Jesus.

How can I let go and hang on. It would take a lifetime  to learn how to balance letting go and holding on. Its letting go of myself and holding on to God and God gave us His training manual - the Bible.

Even me, its hard to let go and let God. I have tried once in my life letting go and let God take over. It was hard with all the tears and the pain and the sleepless nights but God comforted me and wiped the tears from my eyes. I learned my lesson and tried God to take over. A lot of things changed. I was more independent and was more confident on myself never to depend on someone.

There is no denying the struggles we face when it comes to trading our humanness for God's better way but when we release our hold on a lesser perk to free our hands to grip immesurable treasure, our hope can soar into eternity as God intends it to.

Letting go

Holding on

Hold thou hand, and closer, closer draw near me
To Thy dear self - my hope, my joy, my all;
Hold thou my hand, lest haply I should wander,
And, missing Thee, my trembling feet should fall.

Fanny Crosby.