01 October 2013

Maranay Recipe

I so love this recipe. Im not if the kind of fish maranay is present every where, its a ukoy version but this time  I used the famous maranay fish. I still have to research for the english term of this kind of fish. Its really really small, im also not sure if its the smallest fish in the world.

cooking oil
I piece onion
2 gloves of garlic
3 pieces egg
2 spoons of all purpose flour
pepper and salt to taste


1. First wash the maranay using the strainer, be careful to use the fine ones to prevent the small fish from going the drain.

2. Then, drain all the excess water.

3. Mix all the ingredients.

4. With a large spoon, scoop and form flat in our frying pan with enough oil to cook.

5. Serve best with catsup and your kind of sawsawan.

Im going to share another home cooking recipe this coming thursday.

Have a nice day to all and God bless.