05 October 2013

Persistent prayer

        God isnt out of touch when he delays answering our prayer. Often he wants us to persist through unbelieving attitudes that hinder our prayers.

Most of the time my prayer is selfish.

Its all about me, me, myself and I.

What about you?

Do you pray that much?

Do you pray for others?

Most of the time, I only pray when I ask for something. More often I fail to acknowledge God's hand in everything. A realization that he is worthy of our trust when we show him we never give up in our prayers. God welcomes our humble acknowledgement of our need for him because only when we see the end of our selves  do we really realize how dependent we are on him.

There are times in my life when I ask immediate answers to my prayers, and when it seems that my hope is growing dim I just give up and wont persist. But todays word tells us to humble ourselves and ask God in prayer, never give up. Pray pray and pray.

Feeling sad? Pray

Feeling anxious? Pray

Feeling down and weary? Pray

Happy ? Pray

In all circumstance let us pray.