04 October 2013

Thank you google, I got my ads back.

Im so happy.

Im so so so happy, I wanna cry. The hopeless blogger in me found hope when I got my ads back. Wew! That was close and Im just glad and so super doper ultra mega hyper happy. I know back then how it felt when I got banned from google. It was a tragedy and I was really in state of shock. And I said to myself it wont happen again.

This time, thankfully I was not banned. Thank God. The problem was that I forgot my password and it was the time that I panicked and that was last night. The hopeless blogger in me, experimented with themes and so I lost my other gadgets on the blog and so I have to put them all again thats why I ended up losing my ads forever.

I was about to give up, but I didnt lose hope. I just keep on clicking and typing passwords to remember but it was nothing. Until there was this cellphone verification and Im glad I was able to update it with the current number that I have. Please dont be like me.

So lesson learned:

1. If you have adsense please update your information there, update your cellphone number. It was good that I was able to do that because I myself even forgot the password to my adsense and even forgot my own email password.

2. Write your password on your blogging notebook. You must have a blogging notebook, its important for us to have this kept and remembered and written, with all those passwords and usernames.

3. Dont panic. It would only cause a strain in your heart. Just take your time and think think think on how to solve the problem. And thats what I just did.

4. Last lesson, I know youre a blogger and you want nice templates, but in my part, I guess I will have to settle this one coz it fits me well. I have to be content or else im going to ruin my hopeless blogger appetite.

Thank you
So much