02 October 2013

The Daily God book

I dont if you are surprised but I am !
I am surprised by myself and I am so excited!
Because, finally I found this great great book and I fell in the first time I laid my eyes on him. Though its a book, I guess Im having butterflies in my stomach and feels kilig when I read this book.

The Daily God book by Erin Keeley Marshall, its a devotional book that starts with the book of Genesis and ens with revelation 365 days. I found it and bought for P 230.00 on book sale so its around 6 dollars. Its a very nice devotional. Every day you can read heart warming and intruiging titles that could somehow relate very much to each and every one of us. It touches the heart and communicates with our soul. I soooooo love it.

Hopefully, Id be very glad to share inspiring thoughts and messages from God daily. Well, I cant promise but I have to commit myself in doing it because I know we will all enjoy God's revelation through this book daily. Tomorrow is the start of that sharing and I cant wait Im so excited.

Have a nice day and God bless.