26 April 2014

Another blog inspiration

Im back!
And I just hope it would be something to give me a reason to blog to life again. I dont know wwhy its impossible to blog. I am not really that motivated to blog.  It seems that there are nno interesting things to blog about. But I realized I was too busy doing nothing. I was too lalazy to blog.

And today I want to be serious about it.
I just want to give it my very best.
my blog list
I hope this time, its something that I will commit on doing, not like the previous attempts that I ended up not pursuing and still the same ended up with nothing.

I know, Im no poet nor writer but I guess Im a blogger. A trying hard blogger. Or a blogger in the making.
The cute notebook serves as my eyes to the world. I need to write my observations, thoughts, insights on things and a lot more on this notebook with this pen so that I can explore and make blogging interesting. Its something I should do to be creative, to extract the creative juices and blog something about it.

I hope this would work.
I hope its effective enough.
Well, let's just wait and see.

I'll try to give update with the progress im making with this green cutie notebook. If there's another post on the next day, wow its a proof that its a notebook that could motivate but if theres none, then I guess its worth another try.