21 May 2014

Summer is almost over

Summer is almost over and I cant imagine my summer to end just like this.
No summer outing.
No beach outing.
No out of town activities.
I went to our local beach and its not that fascinating.
Its below the normal. But still many enjoyed, while me, I just sat there and dreamed something grand, with the white sand and etc....
raagas beach resort local resort in cagayan de oro

need to really call it summer
 But I have not lost hope. I still have may to enjoy and I will catch up and enjoy my summer.
Its never too late.
Im hoping I could visit bantayan late this may. 
My eyes fixed on the day i will set foot that amazing island.
Im excited and I cant wait.
Tick tock tick tock the clock, the days dragged and its running slow.
Im getting ready, I have packed my bag, just packed lightly. I dont need much stuff in an island.Just myself, my tablet, my charger and my phone. A few clothes for the late summer get away and my summer essentials.