12 August 2014

No jollibee chicken joy?

I'm one of the many jollibee lovers. I love everything about jollibee. The first on my list, chicken joy, palabok, burger steak, french fries and the shanghai roll, jolly hotdog, the breakfast treats and a whole lot more.

Last week end, I went to Iligan and craved for Jollibee chicken joy and was so excited to have that snack of jolly spaghetti and one piece chicken. But to my surprise, the food attendant politely said they have no chicken. What? May I beg your pardon? No chicken joy? I ended up with a glass of soda and spaghetti. Even when I got home, cagayan de oro, my home away from my real home Cebu, still no chicken joy.

so sad...where is my jollibee chicken joy?

I craved for this.....

I got the chance and talked to one of the food attendants, he said that it has something to do with the chicken supply from their supplier nationwide. A price increase of chicken. I even heard no chicken at mang inasal.