29 August 2014

Reading List for the Month of September

I love books and theres no moth that goes by that I cant buy books. I say books, because at one time I can buy more than two or more books. Im a book addict but not a reading addict but addict in buying. I think I have not finished a single book since july. Wow. That means I have a lot of books that I still have to read. The book that I started reading last May is not even half way through. Each time I re read time and again, I almost always go back to page one just to review the pages I read a few months ago.
Book number 1: Get off your knees and pray
Still not finished with Get off Your knees and pray, I m reading this book by Joel Rosenberg, also a very nice book, but still the same I read it over and over again. Back from square one, confusing it with get off your knees and Pray.

Book number 2: Invested Life

And the Third book, well Im being confident that hopefully for the month of september I will be able to red three books.
The latest book that I bought.

Book number 3: The Love Shack
Three books for the month of september sounds impossible for me. 
Fingers crossed.
I hope so.