12 August 2014

What to blog about?

Im a trying hard blogger. That's why more often I find it hard to blog. I dont know what to blog about. It seems my mind has gone blank and no juicy thoughts coming out, I don't have enough motivation to blog. So, that why today, I have decided to extract some creative juicy thoughts  I hope I can have a longer list. Here goes....And this list could go on and on day after day with new topic that could somehow inspire me.

1. No chicken joy  @ Jollibee!
2. Can I drink 3 liters of water everyday?
3. New hair cut with bangs.
4. Patience, more patience.
5. I hate the smell of cigarette.
6. Unique ballpen.
7. Featured person per week.
     the balut vendor
     the little girl selling cooked bananas
     the old vender
     the young vendor
     the old lolo
8. Food trip.
9. Favorite bible verse
10. Cooking adventure
11. Favorite bible verse
12. Favorite book and qoutes from that book.
13 Unusual things, like unusual ballpens and some cute stuff.
14. Daily happenings, insights, lessons learned.
15. Food cravings, food trip.