08 September 2014

Get off your knees and pray qoutes

My reading update.
Found this book at book sale for only 125.00 pesos and its worth every peso. Guess, more than enough the learnings and the insights.Its precious. Its priceless.
Its almost middle of the month and Im still not half through this first book.
I so love this book. It hit me at my weakest. 
My kryptonite. My prayer life.
I must admit, its my one of the weakest points of my spiritual life.
Though im still not a mother like the author, I can relate much to her.
Prayer life.


We love, treasure, and support one another. We love at the petty indignities of aging and cry together when life takes one of us through a dark night.
He gladly receives our words and He sees our hearts. Any prayer is a gift to Him, for it means we are talking to Him. We have to take the first step - and begin embracing prayer as part of our daily lives, as vital to us as breathing.

Prayer is not just a few sentences we say to God while on our knees, but it is living out our outgoing, every moment commitment to God.

The greatest source of joy and peace in my life today is the absolute conviction that I can come to God as I am loved and be loved and be accepted. I can tell God my hopes, my dreams, share my disappointments and hurts.

Talk to God and take time to listen. NO matter how vertically challenged we believe our selves to be, God is listening and talking to us all the time. We only need to learn to stop and listen.