08 September 2014

Nail bookmarks for the Philippines and Beyond

I received a dramatic bookmark a few years ago.
I call it dramatic for I never received a bookmark before.
As far as I could vividly remember It was quiet big for a card, with very soft paper used and the most dramatic of it all was that there's a nail tied with a ribbon.
The nail was almost rusty and not even that fixed properly in place.
But the message of the nail book mark struck me, it touched me in a very  special way.
These were the very words;

We have a gift for you-
just a simple nail.

However you will never be able to use it for the purpose that it was intended. It will never join two pieces of wood or fasten a picture to a wall. This nail will probably never be hammered by you – we don’t think anyone could bring themselves to do it. Not this particular nail. Let this nail, instead, serve as a reminder each time you find it again. That you matter to someone. If you ever doubt your worth or value, if you ever doubt that you are loved. Hold this nail just for a moment and reflect. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son... while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Believe and remember. How much you hurt or how much you suffer, you are loved. Never forget that Jesus was held on the cross not by nails but by LOVE

I thought about it.  And decided to to improve and over the years made to be given to conferences in our church. But I have decided to share it to subscribers, to friends and even my officemates.  And one day I dreamed of making it big time. I dreamed of making the boomarks dreaming it would reach the whole Philippines and beyond. Sounds impossible, but I have a God of impossibilities and who knows where it would reach. All I have to do is make those nail bookmarks and give give and give.

Initially, I have given almost 50 pieces to my former library boss way back in college in MSU-IIT, almost a hundred pieces to MUST a college school in our city, and will be sending soon 100 more piece to Dipolog through my best friend and classmate in college. Last may 2014 I also gave almost 50 pieces to my call center friends.

This is an impossible dream. But, I leave it all to GOd. 

For Dipolog


For MUST Cagayan de Oro City