03 June 2015

Because Im Choleric, Its not an excuse

          If you are a customer like me and you look like this like me, surely the customers will feel scared. Maybe you would have second thoughts in approaching or  giving your concerns. Hmmm I have received side comments about the way I look, stern face, heavy face, not smiling. Well, it hurts and its the truth and often time I retaliate, I rebel and i justify myself. Just like what happened this morning, the lady was looking for the sweet and kind customer beside me. And when she left, I heard them conversing with the guard and I accidentally heard the word "bug-at ug nawong" which means heavy face or stern face not friendly face. I got a little defensive about it. And realized that I should have a godly response to this kind of situation.

        I know I should take it on the lighter side and use the criticism as positively as I can, for change for the better, for me to improve. My temperament is never an excuse for me to justify my short comings. I know its a personal matter but I should apply all that I have learned, and a question popped and I asked myself is Christlikeness reflected in my actions and how I deal with people? Have I become a blessing?  I know I should reflect God's love and mercy to others.  I got guilty about it,  I know I should have been kinder and should have been its a challenge for me to improve. I have to smile because a customer service should be helpful, should be friendly and should be approachable with a light face not a heavy face.

How to look approachable:
1. Smile - though  have tantrums I should serve with a smile.
2. Be patient - Im impatient and I know to be an effective servant I should listen and take time to wait for the subscribers, not hurry but have quality time with them.
3. Smile - I have to remind myself as constantly as I can coz I have the tendency to have that tiger look which could be scarry to look at.
4. Be accommodating -   dont make subs feel they are not welcome
5. Smile
6. Pray
7. Begin the day with God's word.
8. Pray always.