09 June 2015

Waiting for Linsanity Version 2.0

Im a lin fan. Im so linlove and Im bored.  Why does time seems to drag in the basketball world.
There's still the asian tour and free agency and a lot more going on. Its still the finals season and its just boring without Lin in the limelight. Waited for linsanity 2.0 to happen but it didnt. Byron was a coach who made all he can to stop or prevent linsanity from happening in LA. He made a good job making it stressful for Lin and ending a very tiring season  for Lin. Got to wait a little more longer,  wait for the finals to finish and then free agency and I hope next season is for Lin, just for Lin. Im just one of the fans rooting for Lin and will be there to support him all the way. After the finals then free agency, I dream of a Lin-D Antoni reunion and a team that will let him play his type of game. Go Lin.
Hoping for Linsanity 2.0
Linsanity 2.0