30 September 2015

Im inspired, im kilig much and Im back....

Im back, the last blog update was June 9, almost months ago.
I just cant fight this feeling any more.Im too inspired. I have to blog this.  I was never this gaga over a love team before until ALDUB you came. Lola Nidora's words of wisdom

     I never tweeted this much dont know even how to tweet and now the Alduberkads taught me how and how I became from a tweeter then turned abangers, and team replay. I never stalked this much. Ive been stalking Meng and enjoyed reading her blog, but today to my surprise, was not able to read she already exceeded here bandwidth, for sure she's been very busy the past few days. Ive been been this kilig much by any love team until ALDub came. Always bring goose bumps and kilig factor, and made me feel how lovely it is to fall in love and be inlove.

  In love with the LOrd should be my main agenda.  I also realized, I hope I could be this excited in reading God's word, also stalking God, and being kilig with God. I should always be, it should always be more than the ALDUB kilig factor. For HE is a jealous GOd and expects utmost adoration from me in all that I do. Also a reminder for all of us as fans, always remember that our relationship with God is more important than anything else. And at the end of the its between God and me, my relationship with that matters most.