01 October 2015

Drawing closer and closer

Its a beautiful rainy day. My heart is yearning for more, craving for more of you Oh Lord.
Its my desire, Oh Lord, to draw near to You. Moment by moment.
Drawing closer and closer, through Your word,
Through the Holy Spirit, for to will and to act is not mine but Yours.
A giddy feeling, i'm falling in love with You Oh Lord.
I love you Lord.
I love you, since You loved me first.
I dont want to seek You only when I'm down,
But i long to seek You all the days of my life.

Drawing closer and closer to you
From the moment I woke up, I pray that its you I seek,
not the message on my mobile phone nor the update on my face book nor the tweet on my twitter.
Drawing closer to you as I face my subscribers, as I serve them, Lord give me patience,
Let me hear their woes and not react,
Let me take time to listen than to hurry,
Let me give quality service than quantity.
And at times I fail give me a humble heart to accept correction.

As I draw closer and closer, Lord
Let me serve with joy,
I admit that many times I frown,
But im confident that As I draw closer, Id be more smiling and accommodating.

And before I lay my head to sleep,
let Your word shield me and my heart be filled with gratitude and love of Your
faithfulness and Your goodness.