12 April 2016

Life Begins @40, mine has started

       October was my last post!?

      Im just glad Im back to posting again, and as expected since Im now jobless Id be expecting more posts from me on the coming days.

     From October up to now so much has happened.
     Things have  changed. I never thought it could be that soon.
     I just got married!
    Yes, before I turned 40, I got married.
    Resigned from work, moved to another place, the place where I call home, but then still Im far away from home. Still under adjustment period or maybe Id call it the start of the adjustment period for I know its going to be for a lifetime. Im used to have a hectic schedule and Im glad Im no longer working in a very toxic environment. But I miss working, for almost 20 years Ive been working and now Im wasting time sleeping and sleeping internet and just goofing around. 
Wew! Married life.
Im used to sleeping alone, eating lunch alone, doing grocery alone and now somebody is snoring beside me at night. Sometimes I wake up in the  middle of the night all because of husband's snore. :)
Im thankful, very thankful all the blessings and the change going my way.And I just celebrated my 40th birthday last Februray 15 with my husband and family here in Cebu. For 7 years  we celebrated our first Valentine's Day together. Why?
Its a long distance relationship, It was the first valentine's dates and the first birthday with him. It was a birthday to remember. Im used to receiving birthday cards and valentines card and it was my first time that I had that very special day.
Life begins at 40, its a whole new beginning, a whole new chapter of my life. 
God has always been there every step of the way, ups and downs, tears and laughter, and through it all Im not letting go, Lord Im holding on. Im holding on to you. In this marriage You Oh Lord is the center, You are the Center of our lives. Its tough, its hard, its lonely doing it alone in this far place from home but I know Lord You will always be there as long as I cling unto You forever. Your word in my heart and in all that I do.


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